Janice E. Stockard Ph.D.

Anthropologist, Author, Teacher, Editor

Janice E. Stockard Ph.D.

Anthropologist, Author, Teacher, Editor

Globalization and Change in Fifteen Cultures:

Born in One World, Living in Another

In this anthology, fifteen anthropologists provide original articles analyzing the effects of globalization and change on local cultures in diverse societies.


Berdan, Frances F. “Continuity and Change in Aztec Culture: From Imperial Lords to Royal Subjects”

Crocker, William & Jean “Change in the Lives of a Brazilian Indigenous People: To Pluck Eyelashes (or Not?) among the Canela

Gladney, Dru C. “Cultural Identity in China: The Rising Politics of Ethnic Difference”

Keiser, Lincoln “The Vice Lords Today: Sociocultural Change in an African American Street Gang”

Herdt, Gilbert & Stolpe, Birgitta “Sambia Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change”

Blackwood, Evelyn “Mothers to Daughters: Social Change and Matrilineal Kinship in a Minangkabau Village”

Lee, Richard B. “The Ju’Hoansi at the Crossroads: Continuity and Change in the Time of AIDS”

Hull, Cindy L. “From Field to Factory and Beyond: New Strategies for New Realities in a Yucatecan Village”

Bishop, Naomi “The Yolo People of Melemchi, Nepal: Change and Continuity”

Tonkinson, Robert “The Mardu Aborigines: On the Road to Somewhere”

Young, William C. “From Local “Tribe” to Transnational Arab: The “New” Rashaayda Bedouin of Sudan”

Chavez, Leo R. “Culture Change and Cultural Reproduction: Lessons from Research on Transnational Migration”

Parman, Susan “Scottish Crofters: Narratives of Change among Small Landholders in Scotland”

Friedl, Ernestine “A Village in Greece: Vasilika Then and Now”

Sano, Toshiyuki and Fujita, Mariko “Through Japanese Eyes: Culture Change in a Midwestern Town”


According to the editors, the aim … is to ‘introduce students to cultural differences, as well as to demonstrate the commonality of human lives everywhere’ (p. xv). This encapsulates nicely the dynamic between the universal and the particular, and between the global and the local, so important in contemporary discussions of culture.
What makes this latest anthology different … is its purported emphasis on globalisation and change, and its move away from examining cultures in relative isolation. It aims to show students, via ethnographic case studies, some of the local effects of globalisation. The strength of the ethnographic method, and the value of its emphasis on everyday lived experience as a lens with which to understand wider contextual changes and dynamics, is indeed showcased in this collection.

– Anthropological Forum

From the Thompson Wadsworth editorial review:

Explore cultural change with GLOBALIZATION AND CHANGE IN FIFTEEN CULTURES: BORN IN ONE WORLD, LIVING IN ANOTHER ! Composed of original articles, this anthology brings antrhopolgy to life and reflects a world changed by globalization and an anthropology committed to documenting the effects of the vast cultural flows of people, information, goods, and technology, now in motion the world over. Examples of global coverage include the Bedouin in Sudan, Mardu in Australia, Sambia in New Guinea, Canela in Brazil, Yolmo in Nepal, Ju/Hoansi in Namibia, Minangkabau in Sumatra, Scottish crofters, Greek villagers, Chinese minorities, the Aztecs and Yucatecans in Mexico, and Mexican immigrants , African-American gang members, and Wisconsin town residents in the U.S.A.

An introduction on cultural change by series editors

Articles that begin with fieldwork biographies of the anthropologist and that are rich with photographs and maps directly from the field