Janice E. Stockard Ph.D.

Anthropologist, Author, Educator, Editor
Cultural Anthropology | Janice Stockard and Evelyn Blackwood

Mapping Cultures Across Space and Time

Cultural Anthropology:

Most recently (2018), Stockard and her co-author Dr. Evelyn Blackwood published a new digital-first text Cultural Anthropology: Mapping Cultures Across Space and Time (Cengage). In this text, the authors introduce a new threaded ethnographic case pedagogy that focuses in-depth on 6 cultural regions of the world. Across all 14 text chapters, Stockard and Blackwood systematically build an in-depth understanding of each of these cultural regions. New chapter coverage in Mapping Cultures includes: “Technologies and Culture Change,” “Language and Musical Expression,” “Kin and Families: Forms of Relatedness” – plus three chapters devoted to topics in globalization, including “Migration and Borderlands in the Global Era.”

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